RAAF Air Mobility Group: C-27J 35SQN


Battlefield Airlifter : C-27J Spartan, 35 Squadron, Air Mobility Group, RAAF


Alenia/L3 C-27J Spartan (A34-006) Anniversary Scheme
35 Squadron, Air Mobility Group, RAAF

The C-27J is the latest transport aircraft to enter RAAF service. Its ability to operate in remote location makes it invaluable for humanitarian missions and battlefield airlift. The C-27J bridges the gap between the larger transports and the Army’s helicopter assets. It’s operated exclusively by 35 Squadron, a unit that was previously equipped with the DHC-4 Caribou.
A34-006 was given special tail markings to mark the 75th Anniversary of the establishment of 35 Squadron

Lithographic Artprint (A3 size) Print code P0022-11.


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